Sign up for early access to Zivver Insights

We are very pleased to announce that we are about to launch Zivver Insights, a major improvement to the statistics available in the Zivver admin environment. This will give you more insight into how Zivver is used within your organization and what you can do to further improve this usage.



Please fill out the form below to sign up for early access to Zivver Insights.

What has been improved?

  • More and more relevant insights, especially on the use of business rules and recipient verification methods.
  • Zoom in on what's relevant to you with user-level filters and insights.
  • Ability to export the underlying raw data and analyze it in your own environment.
  • Good documentation of data and insights so that you know what you are looking at.

How can you get access?

Zivver Insights will be available to a select group of customers in June 2022. You can register for this via the form on this page.