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The attitudes on communication security after the onset of COVID-19

This free report gives insight to the results of a survey that was independently conducted by Opinion Matters in September, 2020 and gathers the secure communication concerns of 250 UK public sector professionals, including CISOs, risk and compliance officers and IT directors.

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Opinion Matters: UK Public Sector

The responses show interesting and varied attitudes to secure email and email data protection across healthcare and local government teams, also depending on the size of the organisation.
Read through these results to see how your own organisation compares!

1. To what extent are you worried about the privacy risks of the methods your organisation uses to communicate with and share information?

2. What are the 3 biggest challenges in relation to outbound secure communications?

3. What has been the impact of Covid-19, if any, on
your security of outbound communications?

4. How many data leaks did your organisation experience in the past year?

5. What do you think are the three most important things to keep in mind if an organisation was considering a tool to securely communicate privacy- sensitive information?

6. Which secure communication solutions, if any, is your organisation currently using?

7. What are your (up to 3) preferred channels for sharing privacy- sensitive information?

8. What is preventing your organisation from investing in a secure communication solution?

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