Keep your sensitive information private

ZIVVER helps you to prevent and repair data leaks and protects your privacy. With our web application, plug-in and mobile app, you can always and everywhere send emails, chat and send large files safely. Brilliant!


Unique protection with Triple Safe Technology


Preventing mistakes

  • Provides unique protection against the biggest risk of data leaks: our own mistakes

  • Better safe than sorry

  • Monitors contents of message and attachments in real time

  • Warns of the risk of data leaks on the basis of classification of the contents and classification of the relationship between sender and recipient

  • Set warnings fully flexible and based on its own risk assessments and your wishes. ZIVVER also delivers a set of best practice rules, which business customers can turn on or off and fine tune as they wish.

  • Accidental sending of messages is no longer possible



  • Fully encrypted connection

  • Full encryption of data in storage

  • Account is extra protected against hacking by 2nd factor via text message or app

  • Only servers in the EU that meet the highest privacy and safety requirements

  • No one but the sender and the recipient can access the sensitive data

  • Maximum accessibility through cloud storage and back-ups in various locations in the EU


Keep control

  • Always recall an incorrect message

  • Protecting files against spread through time, copy and print block and making conscious choices when forwarding messages.

  • Insight into safety risks through operation reports

  • Real-time alerts in case of acute large safety risks

  • Development of employee awareness regarding data leaks in the organisation


Sending sensitive information in emails, chat messages and (large) files



  • Sending secured emails from existing applications, such as Outlook, or the ZIVVER App

  • For ZIVVER users, readable as 'normal' email, both in Outlook and in the ZIVVER App



  • Sending messages directly to other users from the secured ZIVVER App

  • Non-ZIVVER users receive a chat request via email



  • You can simply add all kinds of files to your secured email or chat message.

  • Support for files up to 50GB, including from Outlook


Wherever you are and works like you’re used to



  • Works on every modern smartphone, tablet and computer with up-to-date browsers

  • At work, on the road and at home

  • Sending and viewing all messages on every device



  • Works like you're used to. From the applications you already use, such as Outlook and Word

  • You can also just send large files as attachments

  • No unnecessary extra actions to guarantee safety

  • No longer a full mailbox due to large attachments


To everyone

  • Sending messages and files to everyone you know, all over the world

  • Recipients don't need a ZIVVER account to be able to read the messages

  • Recipients with and without a ZIVVER account can always reply safely


Giving managers and directors control

Exclusively for business


  • No installation of software is required for the web application - always up-to-date

  • Installation of integrations, such as in Outlook, within 10 minutes, including in complex software environments

  • Easily add and remove users (manually or automatically)

  • Setting business rules for organisation, groups or individual users



  • Complete insight into communication patterns

  • Insight into risks of data leaks

  • Complete login information

  • Regular external control of security risks in the source code and penetration tests by specialists

  • Has a Privacy Verified certificate and is ISO27001:2013 and NEN7510:2011 certified


Providing control

  • Control information in the field of safe communication

  • Insight into best practices


With the certainty that it works

Exclusively for business

Good support

  • Online environment for answers to frequently asked questions with search function

  • Clear and short instruction films

  • Technical information and downloads of the software

  • "Customised" answer to your problem from ZIVVER support experts

  • 2nd line support for companies with questions or problems

  • Clear about prioritising solutions and expected time needed to solve a problem


Basic and Top Level SLA

  • High up-time guarantee for paid accounts, including compensation if ZIVVER fails to achieve that norm

  • Additional guarantees on resolution times and satisfaction for purchasers of Top Level SLA


Implementation Support

  • Out-of-the-box business rules available with warnings for data leaks you can immediately apply

  • Implementation formats and instruction materials available via support site

  • Support by ZIVVER or a selected implementation partner at your location to make ZIVVER optimally match your organisation

ZIVVER is verifiably safe