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Encryption and privacy by design

How does Zivver use encryption to ensure that only the intended sender and recipients can read secure messages? In this whitepaper we break down the foundation and functionalities of this email data protection solution.

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  • 0. Why, what and how of email and file transfer security
  • 1. The key to data leak prevention: identifying errors before they occur
  • 2. Ensuring compliance by protecting messages from unauthorized access
  • 3. Data leak identification, message retraction and insights each have a role to play in outbound email security
  • 4. Stay in control, identify risks and strive to improve
  • 5. What sets Zivver apart
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Why, what and how of email and file transfer security

Practically every organization requires a secure method of sending emails and transferring files to customers or other contacts. There is often, however, a lack of awareness in how best to safeguard that data within the organization, let alone how to exchange information while complying with GDPR and similar regulations.

The needs for strengthening email security can vary significantly within organizations. While some will champion adopting stringent email security practices, others may require more convincing. Many people are simply unaware of the positive impact that enhanced email security measures can bring across an entire organization.

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How Zivver boosts security to prevent data leaks

Learn why
  • Preventing human errors
  • Securing information
  • Easy for users
  • Comply with standards and legislation
  • Retract messages and see read status
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