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Enhance your security with Zivver

Gmail alone isn’t enough to secure your sensitive data. Before, during, and after sending, your email communications are a security risk to your organization. 

Zivver safeguards emails and files prior to, during, and after sending, with machine learning and advanced encryption technology.


Unintrusive security notifications in real time

Seamless integration with Gmail ensures no interruption to your workflow; create and send emails as usual, and utilize feature-rich security functionality including two factor authentication (2FA), message recall, and alerts in real-time to potential data leaks.


How Zivver protects your email data


  • sending-before Before sending

    Compose your email as usual in Gmail. Powered by machine learning technology, Zivver identifies errors and sensitive information, including PII, incorrect recipients, and misuse of Bcc and alerts the user, before they hit ‘send’.

    Zivver also enables large file transfers, up to 5TB in size, within Gmail.

  • duringsending-01 In transit

    Gmail supports secure email transport via a very basic security measure, known as STARTTLS. Both the sender and recipient must use TLS to create a secure connection; in the instance that secure connection can't be created, Gmail sends via non-secure connections - or not at all. Zivver ensures messages are delivered securely.

  • after-sending-01-01 After sending

    Zivver's zero-knowledge encryption assures third party access on the vendor side is not possible, including Google and Zivver.

    In the instance that emails have been sent in error, Zivver enables the sender to revoke messages. They can also set expiration periods on messages, view when messages have been received and opened, and authenticate recipient identities with two factor authentication (2FA).

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"With Zivver for Gmail we opted for one 'universal' system for all our employees and teams, with which email can be sent to all addresses. Also from non-Zivver users."


Danielle Gérard, Project Leader Buurtzorg

Zivver for Gmail

The benefits


Prevent human errors

Avoid the most common cause of security incidents with alerts in real-time to incorrect recipients, misuse of Bcc, and more.


Easy for users

Zivver integrates seamlessly with Gmail and is designed to be supremely user-friendly, requiring no change to existing workflows. Continually learning from user behaviour, Zivver is a tool employees want to use.


Empower people

Zivver enables every employee to act securely, with every email and file shared. Make security second nature with Zivver’s user-friendly platform.


Secure information

Only the sender and intended recipient(s) can gain access to a message. Automatic TLS secure connections, zero-knowledge encryption, and additional authentication functionality prevents access from unauthorized individuals.


Meet compliance

Zivver supports compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more. Suspect a data breach? Zivver offers extensive audit and communication logs per user.


Convenient for recipients

Recipients can access secure Zivver emails with ease - no account creation or hoop-jumping required. Zivver’s Conversation Starter functionality enables recipients to share secure messages and large files in return.

Zivver was recently identified as one of five representative vendors in the

‘Email Data Protection Specialists’ category in Gartner’s ‘2020 Market Guide for Email Security’.

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