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Zivver for Gmail enables Google Workspace users (formerly known as G Suite) to add an extra security layer to their communications without having to leave their native Gmail environment.

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What is Zivver for Gmail, and how does it work?

Zivver automatically scans all information when users compose an email using Gmail.

Non-intrusive alerts inform users when they’re about to share sensitive information, and enables them to easily send emails and files up to 5,000 GB in a safe and secure way with internal and external contacts.

Zivver for Gmail facilitates all of this, directly from your own email client. Organizations no longer need to change their way of working to secure their data and communicate in a safe way.


Why Gmail is not secure enough

Security of email and file sharing can be roughly divided into three steps: before sending the information (are we sending the right information to the right person?), during sending (can anyone intercept or view the information in transit?), and during receiving (how do we know if it is delivered to the intended recipient?).

Zivver for Gmail now makes it easier for organizations to protect their most privacy-sensitive data no matter where it is. Data is safeguarded before, during, and after the sending and receiving of information via email.


How Zivver protects your email data


  • sending-before Before sending

    Gmail won’t be able to alert users when they are about to share sensitive information in an unsafe way.

    Whether it’s emailing the wrong person or attaching the incorrect file, Zivver’s smart technology enables you to correct these types of mistakes before hitting send, ensuring you can be compliant with your organization’s data policies.

  • duringsending-01 In transit

    Gmail supports secure email transport via STARTTLS, which is considered a very basic security measure. It has many weak spots and above all, STARTTLS is an opportunistic protocol. 

    Why? Let’s get a little technical here. Even though nowadays enabling TLS should be one click away, this doesn’t solve the problem, as you have a dependency on your recipient’s server settings. To create a secure connection, both the sender and recipient must use TLS. When a secure connection can't be created, Gmail sends via non-secure connections - or not at all. Zivver for Gmail ensures messages are delivered securely.

  • after-sending-01-01 After sending

    Plus, with Zivver's zero-knowledge encryption, you can be assured that third party access on the vendor side is not possible. Meaning that parties like Microsoft and Google can never access the data. Safety guaranteed, even our own employees cannot decrypt any secure message. And if a mistake has been made and you’ve emailed the wrong person, you can quickly restrict access to the communication using the recall email feature.

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"With Zivver for Gmail we opted for one 'universal' system for all our employees and teams, with which email can be sent to all addresses. Also from non-Zivver users."


Danielle Gérard, Project Leader Buurtzorg

Zivver for Gmail

The benefits


Prevent Human Errors

Zivver alerts you in real-time before you send an email containing sensitive information. By showing the alert on the screen immediately, Zivver raises the information security awareness within your organization.


Secure information

Only the sender and the intended recipient(s) gain access to a message. Automatic TLS secure connections, zero-knowledge encryption, and additional authentication keep hackers and unauthorized people out.


Easy for users

One of the biggest challenges organizations face when introducing new tools is modifying people’s work habits. Zivver comfortably fits in with existing ways of working. Users can easily add Zivver to their Gmail workflow and send communications as they normally would.


Convenient for recipients

Anyone can receive, reply to, and download secure email messages, even without a personal account. A notification is provided via email, directing the recipient to the secure guest environment. To increase the recognizability and reliability of these messages, add your company logo and corporate branding.


Onboarding is easy

All it takes is a one-off, limited time investment of your IT department, and then your employees will work with a simple single sign-on solution. This way your employees are immediately logged into Zivver when they log in at their workstation. Zivver keeps the familiarity of Gmail intact without interrupting your workflow.


Comply with laws and regulation

Zivver is your future proof solution to prevent data breaches and be compliant with the GDPR, CCPA, LGPD. Zivver’s proactive notifications and alerts create awareness amongst your employees about privacy-sensitive information. Suspect a data breach? Zivver offers extensive audit and communication logs per user.

Zivver was recently identified as one of five representative vendors in the

‘Email Data Protection Specialists’ category in Gartner’s ‘2020 Market Guide for Email Security’.

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