Secure Emails in one click

What to expect?

Our consultants will explain how to:

Send secure emails
Safe from unauthorized access while your message is in transit. 

Maintain control at all times
Safe for your recipient to access with 2FA, recall email if needed

Transfer large files
Share files securely up to 5TB (that’s Terabyte, not Gigabyte ;-) with an easy-to-use file transfer solution.

Integrate with Outlook and Gmail
So you don’t have to switch to a less secure solution.


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Be in Control Email Safely and Confidently

Take comfort in knowing that at each stage of your email’s journey, it’ll be protected with a highly encrypted email solution that prevents costly data leaks.

An easy to use solution with Outlook and Gmail integration helps people comply with data protection regulations like the GDPR.

* If your company has less than 50 employees, please visit our pricing page.

Safe during

Safe before sending
Real-time alerts prevent data leaks

Whether it’s emailing the wrong person or attaching the incorrect file, Zivver’s smart technology enables you to correct these types of mistakes before hitting send, ensuring you can be compliant with your organization’s data policies.

  • rules-icon Business rules

    Use either standard or customized business rules to ensure that the appropriate level of security for each message is applied each time, and can be easily adjusted as needed. These rules help you stay in control of your information security while also meeting regulatory requirements.

  • encryption Advanced Encryption

    Asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption ensures that no unauthorized people can access your message. Your confidential communications remain truly confidential.

  • two-factor Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    The most secure way to ensure that only intended recipients can access messages you send them. Several options are available when initiating a message for added flexibility. 

  • integrations-icon Outlook & Gmail integration

    Seamless integration with Outlook & Gmail makes it easy to use Zivver from anywhere without changing your way of working.

    Read more about Gmail integration
Safe Control

Safe control
Detailed dashboard and logging

Zivver ensures that organizations can easily view the risks, causes, and impact of data breaches, so you can act swiftly when an incident occurs. See how else we give you more control.

  • mailbox-retention Message expiration

    You can easily set up expiration dates for your secure messages, for example after a 30 day period. This makes it easier for your team to comply with data protection regulations and organizational policies.

  • SSO Single Sign-on (SSO)

    Zivver takes authentication of users seriously and provides several convenient options for recipients to confirm their identity. Verification can be done via SMS or TOTP (time-based one-time password), or using SSO through a strong authentication context of the IdP.

  • conersation-starter-01 Conversation starter

    Enable any of your external contacts to initiate secure conversations with people inside your organization.

  • cloud-key Key Management

    All your messages and/or attachments are stored asymmetrically encrypted in such a way (zero-knowledge encryption) that even Zivver cannot decrypt the information.

  • sync-01-01 Active Directory Sync Tool

    Zivver provides a simple way to automate user provisioning.


How the Dutch Judicial System benefits with Zivver

"In need of an highly secure communications solution for remote workers during the onset of COVID-19, Zivver successfully implemented a safe communication platform to address this urgent challenge for the Dutch legal system."

Communicate with ease of mind

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