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Dennis Hassink

"Our intention in the medium term is to have our traditional mailing by post largely replaced by Zivver."

Dennis Hassink, ICT Advisor at JbOV


Customer Case: 

Jeugdzorg Nederland selected Zivver as the preferred supplier for their email security communication at all youth care institutions in the Netherlands. Dennis Hassink, ICT Advisor at Youth Protection in Overijssel explains how the switch to Zivver gave them much better control over privacy-sensitive data flows.

  • Employees: 250+
  • Industry: Healthcare

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The challenge:

JbOV guides families where children cannot grow up safely, where upbringing and development are at risk due to serious problems of the parents or the child. JbOV also takes action when young people have come into contact with the police. Youth care is therefore a very specific branch of care in which an incredible amount of sensitive information has to be shared with many authorities. Think of (local) governments, the police and the judiciary, but also care providers and of course the target group itself.

If information from Youth Care linked to personal data falls into the wrong hands, this can have major consequences for trust in the organization and the care provision itself. This was recently highlighted in the media. “That is why it is important for JbOV to increase security - and to stay on top of it,” says Hassink. "We wanted the most complete, safe, but also simple solution on the market."

Reasons to use Zivver: 

  • Minimizing the risk of data leaks
  • Compliance with data protection regulations
  • Easy to use 
  • Better control over privacy-sensitive information flows (data flows)

The solution:

Youth Protection Overijssel compared various solutions for securing their digital communications and opted to go with Zivver. The most important reasons for this included the user-friendliness of Zivver’s solution and better control over which information is sent out safely or not, the dashboard is very insightful in this regard.

Dennis Hassink: “It’s also great that we can revoke emails afterwards, if necessary. If the email is withdrawn before it is opened, a potential data breach has been prevented.” 

“Sending emails securely via Zivver is relatively easy. Our employees can use Zivver on their own and the two-factor verification method via SMS works well. At Jeugdzorg Overijssel we have opted for SMS verification and no complicated methods such as exchanging codes. Our intention in the medium term is to have the traditional postal route largely replaced by Zivver. "

"At Youth Care we work with the future of the Netherlands, which is also why it is important to keep digitizing, but only if it can be done in a safe way," Hassink emphasizes.

The results:

The benefits of using Zivver have been noticeable. Hassink: “We see a fairly stable picture in terms of usage and number of messages sent with Zivver. A fixed number of messages are sent securely every month. We can see this - and many more statistics - in the Zivver dashboard. That way we are always on top! In our analytics we can see who makes frequent use of Zivver and who does not. In this way we can specifically stimulate employees to use Zivver more often. The number of messages that must be sent via Zivver can therefore still increase. "  

“However, the current number is not even close to the number of messages sent that we sent with our previous solution. Compared to our previous product, we see a huge increase in use. While our previous solution sent about 100 messages per month, we now send about 1,700 messages per month. "

Hassink added that there has been a significant increase in awareness among employees due to Zivver's smart technology alerts. "I am convinced that the simplicity with which a healthcare provider can send a secure email via Zivver contributes to better overall awareness and high adoption of the software."

How Zivver has helped:

  • Being able to share digitally sensitive information saves a lot of time, printing costs and courier costs
  • Improved efficiency in cooperation with chain partners and clients
  • Helped to facilitate digitization within the organization

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