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Safeguard sensitive patient data when emailing


“ Zivver has really helped our company avoid any confidentiality breaches by offering a safe way for staff to send sensitive information via email. ”

Michalis Koutalianou, Practice Manager

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Customer Case: Fetal Medicine Centre

Based in central London, the Fetal Medicine Centre, has been providing top quality care for pregnant women for over twenty-five years. All profits from this Centre go to the Fetal Medicine Foundation.

The Fetal Medicine Foundation was founded by Kypros Nicolaides in 1995 to assess the risk for complications at such an early stage in pregnancy, to help prevent preeclampsia and premature birth, which are significant contributors to maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

The foundation is a registered charity that aims to improve the health of pregnant women and their babies through research and training in fetal medicine.

Given the nature of the work they do, Fetal Medicine Centre employees handle a lot of privacy-sensitive information regarding the foundation’s patients or other contacts. This information needs to be properly safeguarded at all times, both to protect privacy as well as comply with data protection regulations such as the UK GDPR.

  • Employees: 50+
  • Industry: Healthcare

Which secure communication solutions does the Fetal Medicine Centre use? 

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Challenge: a simple solution that can help protect sensitive data

Alongside the need to properly safeguard sensitive data, these are the challenges the Fetal Medicine Centre wanted to address with a secure communication solution:

  • Minimise the risk of data leaks

  • Improve data protection compliance (for example, with the GDPR)

  • Better control over privacy-sensitive information flows

  • Needed a simple solution for non tech-savvy users

Properly protecting personal data in the healthcare sector is vital. The type of sensitive information being exchanged means that the highest levels of security must be in place to avoid serious repercussions, such as accidental data leaks involving patient data.

Solution: enhanced communication security that everyone benefits from
The Fetal Medicine Centre chose Zivver because of the simplicity of the solution to help facilitate UK GDPR and DPA compliance, alongside the enhanced security that the platform provides.

They use Zivver’s safe email solution to ensure that privacy-sensitive information can be sent securely, from anywhere and on any device. The service integrates easily with Outlook, including Office 365, and Gmail, which means there’s no need for people to use other programs or change workflows to email securely and transfer large files, as this can be done directly from their current email client. This encourages widespread adoption of the service and makes it simple for everyone to use, even people who are not very tech-savvy.

The results

With Zivver, staff at the Fetal Medicine Centre are able to save time in their daily tasks when they need to send sensitive information digitally. Michalis Koutalianous added that he was also impressed with the simplicity of the solution:

“ The service is very easy to use, so training staff is simple and extremely safe, which is what most companies want from such a service.”

As a SaaS solution, the Fetal Medicine Centre had Zivver up and running quickly for staff to use to start communicating securely, with minimal training required.


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