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Zivver Secure Email
  • Prevent costly data leaks with unparalleled zero keys email encryption
  • Ensure data compliance - GDPR, CCPA, DPA
  • Enhance the security of your existing email client
  • Send up to 5TB securely - say goodbye to file transfer sites
Zivver is a very useful tool to help us deal with privacy sensitive information; it's intuitive and very user friendly
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

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Seamlessly embed into all major email clients

From Outlook and Office 365 to Gmail, integrating into your existing email client couldn’t be easier - regardless of your device or whether you’re in the cloud or on-premise.

Contextual, intelligent error correction before sending

We all make mistakes but now they become proactively fixed before they are sent, with Zivver’s active error detection, which uses machine-learning powered business rules to spot errors in the moment messages are composed.

Recall you can rely on

We’ve all been there - sending the wrong person an email and then being let down by traditional email recall features. Zivver’s revoke access feature allows you to quickly restrict access to an email - plus, if the message is restricted before the recipient has opened it, Zivver can guarantee that any possible data leak has been contained. Now breathe.

Smarter sending with semantic-aware, tailored security levels

Fearing interception of your messages? Fear not. Zivver applies semantic-aware, tailored secure encryption based on the sensitivity of your content and detection of the recipient's security levels. Plus, multi-factor user-level authentication verifies delivery to the right recipient.

We don't hold the keys

Only your intended recipient should read your email. Uniquely, Zivver is built around a zero keys, zero access architecture, delivering unparalleled encryption, with Transport Layer Security (TLS) securing the connection between you and your recipient.

Massive files? Yes you can

Whether it’s a 30GB presentation or 5TB data file, simply attach it to your email and send it securely to one or many people without impacting the mailbox storage capacity of the sender or the recipient.

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Prevent human errors, send encrypted emails, strong authentication and retract messages. Straight from your browser or mobile app


Zivver is fully security certified on all major classifications.
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