Senior System Administrator

Does helping out others who experience issues with internal soft- and hardware make you tick? Well, have we got news for you! We’re looking for a new senior System Administrator to join our fast-growing team. You’ll work with Vladimir, who’s been our king administrator for the last couple of years, and apart from fixing day-to-day issues, you’ll be responsible for implementing long-term solutions, like professionalizing Zivver’s own IT.

We know that good system administrators are a little stubborn. But as nearly eighty percent of all Zivvies are developers, you need to get used to that quickly. Working as a System Administrator at Zivver means working with high-end techies who know the works and that takes a strong constitution. That makes this job opportunity something special. You’ll get the chance to work with the brightest minds, have discussions at the highest level, learn from each other and find even better solutions every day.

The A Team

Hot takes

  • At birthday parties you often tell people you work at a supermarket (otherwise you spend the rest of the evening solving someone’s IT problems)
  • Your communication skills are often more important than your technical skills
  • You believe there are no stupid IT questions out there


A day at HQ

At Zivver, every team works with its own productivity tooling. Some use Monday, some use Notion. And some use, well, something else. Today, you’re investigating whether it wouldn’t be more effective to work with one single tooling platform for the whole company. It’s a long-term project you’re working on and you collaborate closely with your Team Lead Johan and Vladimir on a workable solution.

After lunch, you and Vladimir dive into the ticketing system and help your colleagues as much as you can. We’re all working from home and although your colleagues are not noobs when it comes to tech, they do have their challenges. After you’re done, you have a quick chat with Johan professionalizing the IT systems within Zivver, especially a new VPN solution. Together with Johan, you devise, execute and lead this project and it’s time to define the first steps asap. How time flies, it’s almost the end of the day. Ok, ok, just one more ticket before you go and you’re done.



  • Create, maintain and improve Windows/G Suite environment for 135+ employees
  • Soft- & hardware for workstations, printers, servers, and WiFi
  • Help colleagues with issues within their digital work environment
  • Device management (on-premises Windows Domain or Azure Active Directory)
  • Internal digital security
  • Project lead internal IT projects
  • Sparring partner for Application infrastructure



  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • A pension plan
  • Free lunch (if you’re working at our office)
  • Training and personal development opportunities



  • At least 2-3 years of experience as a system administrator
  • Experience working within a fast-moving environment
  • Fluent in English, both written and verbal

Attitude / Personality

  • You’re a true problem solver
  • You want to work with the latest cloud technology around
  • You think in solutions, work project-based, and are open to suggestions
  • You’re a strong communicator
  • You operate in a kind and humble way
  • You like rockets

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