Senior .NET/C# Frontend Developer

Job description

ZIVVER is here to help people communicate securely hassle-free. It’s in our DNA to do simple but smart and always secure. Sounds natural to you? Read on!

Our platform is a SaaS application written in Scala that serves our Angular Typescript web application and C# Microsoft Office plugin (yes, we like strong static typing). Your job is to develop new applications and features using .NET. 

As ZIVVER is scaling up fast, your developing skills will not only be pointing towards our code but also towards your colleagues.

The .Net Heroes!

Hot take

  • #raisethebar is your mantra

  • Not all stupid ideas end up being great, but every great solution starts with being stupid

  • Hell No, Status Quo 


A day at HQ

It’s 8:30 on a Wednesday when you come into the office. A bit earlier than usual but it’s the day after Release Tuesday so you want to make sure you're all caught up on the changes before your usual day is about to start.

At 9.30 it’s time for the End-User Plugin Team daily stand up. Besides the release, people briefly sum up their completed tasks from yesterday, the items they’re stuck on or need some help with and the planned actions for today. 10 minutes later you're up to speed about everything at ZIVVER necessary for me to make this an awesome and productive day.

With ZIVVER growing and growing, it’s extremely important to rethink past approaches to previous issues. Today you're starting to refactor some of the core of our main Outlook Plugin project. We're doing this by first writing Selenium-based automated UI tests and then refactoring the code to be more unit testable, easier to maintain, and more fun to code in. 

Half way through the day you're touching base with Jeremy. You've run into a WPF animation issue in the Selenium tests and you need his advice to be able to continue. The goal is to have at least ZIVVER’s new dialog UI automation tests finished by this afternoon so you need to get a move on.

It’s getting close to 17.30 and your action list for today is back to zero again. Perfect timing as our monthly Know thy Code talk is about to start. Today, Pablo is giving a talk on the latest encryption technology and how ZIVVER uses it. So laptop closed and off to the Humming Bar!



  • Develop new features for and maintain performance of the ZIVVER Outlook plugin

  • Review code of colleagues and suggest brilliant improvements

  • Go-to for technical consultants and clients

  • Quickly triaging issues and solving bugs

  • Contribute to the increased stability, scalability and usability of ZIVVER


  • Junior developers on the team and in the house look up to you for advice and guidance

  • You have high standards for code quality and not afraid to coach your colleagues directly on this subject


In return for your dedication and attention to detail, you’ll get an independent position in an exciting work environment filled with some of the nicest people in the industry, and more...

  • A beautiful bar in our penthouse office
  • Next-gen pension fund
  • Great food
  • Lots of team events and outings
  • Top-tier coffee.
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flex holidays
  • E1.000 personal development budget



Skills / Experience

  • Strong, proven experience in C# (.Net)

  • Experienced with Windows applications and WPF development

  • Formal education, and even cooler, a degree in a Computer Science / Software Engineering field

  • Knowledge and experience with Amazon Web Services' IaaS services portfolio 

Personality / Attitude 

  • You speak up from a position of knowledge

  • You like to help your colleagues develop to the next level

  • Speed and quality are what you’re about. You know your craft and you #get-it-done

  • Organized and structured is your approach to life and code

  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile

The 3-step interview process

  • 1Drive
  • 2Work
  • 3Culture
Mark and Leroy
Motivation and Drive interview
Video Call
  • There's no right or wrong answer
  • Read into what ZIVVER does, and know as much about the role
  • Ask us questions


Jeremy and Jeroen
Tech Interview
In Person @ ZIVVER HQ
  • Technical interview, where we will discuss your tech assignment which you've previously submitted.
  • We like to find out why you gave the answers you did in the assignment.
  • Please ensure you have ask the team all of your technical questions.


Wisse or Wouter
Culture interview
In Person @ ZIVVER HQ (usually done straight after the 2nd Interview) 
  • A chat to make sure it's a good fit on both sites
  • To check to see if you would be a good team balance.
  • Check out the offices, get to know us better


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