Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Job description

Our platform is a SaaS application written in Scala that serves our Angular Typescript web applications and a C# Microsoft Office plugin. We manage our infrastructure as code: if it's not under version control in git, it does not exist. And the other way around.

We expect you to have an opinion on tech. We expect you to pick your own hardware and operating system because that's how you get productive. Having the best tools at your disposal, you're prepared to question everything you see and do not understand. If it can be improved, you’ll re-prioritize and start improving ZIVVER from within.

The A Team

Hot take

  • Developing infrastructure is just like developing a product. There are users who have needs that have to be met.
  • DevOps is a mindset, not a function or a role.
  • You’re always looking to add automation where it’s needed.


A typical day at Zivver

Times are a-changing with this pandemic, so we had to adapt to a new(ish) way of working remotely. You start your day with the typical stand-up team chat where we look at what’s in progress and what we can do to move them forward on the board.

You then start your day. Sometimes, you are what we call “DevOps of the day”. In this case, you are first in line to help the dev teams who need it, you’re responding to monitoring alerts, and perform routine operations on the infrastructure. The other days, well it’s about solving problems for whoever is running things on the infrastructure: automation, upgrades, infrastructure evolution initiatives, as well as tooling to help our dev teams do the best work of their lives and focus on what matters: our users & customers. Later during the day, after a couple of code reviews for your teammates, you sit down with some developers to understand why they struggle with their builds and test environments, so that next sprint, the team can come up with a solution that allows them to have a shorter feedback loop on their work. It’s already the end of the day, and all your merge requests were approved so you merge them and disconnect until tomorrow!


  • Develop, maintain and support Zivver’s infrastructure.
  • Enable dev teams to operate the software they write.
  • Educate teams to adopt a DevOps mindset.
  • Keep up with the pace of our fast-growing company.


  • Choose your own hardware
  • Beautiful top-floor office in Amsterdam (once the pandemic is over…)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Remote working policy
  • Pension scheme
  • After-work beers in our in-office bar (again, pandemic conditions)
  • Diverse international team



  • Knowledge of Linux: you can, but don't want to compile your own kernel.
  • Experience with AWS infrastructure and products
  • Experience with containers and orchestrators
  • Experience with Ansible & Terraform
  • Experience automating and testing infrastructure (terratest, cloud-custodian, terraform-compliance, InSpec…)
  • Eligible to work in the Netherlands (EU citizenship or in possession of VISA)


Attitude / Personality

  • Security and privacy is your first and main concern
  • You are product-minded. You want to solve problems for people.
  • You are curious and value learning above everything else
  • Proud of successes, peeved by mistakes, resilient to recover and learn.
  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile.

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