All it takes is one human error to compromise your organization's reputation



Professionals understand the value of their companies' reputation. Firms with a powerful and positive reputation attract better employees, partners, and clients. They're regarded as offering additional value, which usually allows them to impose a premium. Customers tend to be more dedicated and purchase broader ranges of services and products. As the industry believes that such businesses will sustain future growth and revenue, they achieve higher earnings and market share.

Additionally, 70% to 80 % of market value is based on hard-to-assess intangible assets, which include, market sentiment, intellectual capital, and brand equity. Under these circumstances, organizations are highly vulnerable to reputational damage. Prevention is paramount, and it should start from within. It might not be evident, but your employees' daily activities, play a significant role in your company's reputation.

Data leaks are notorious for undermining reputations, and their primary cause is an unintentional human error caused by employees. It is broadly documented that over 60% of all data leaks are due to misaddressed email messages, or information disclosed to the wrong recipient. All it takes is one error, such as adding extra recipients in the cc field instead of bcc to put into motion a reputation disaster. The financial damage caused by a compromised reputation is just the tip of the iceberg. When a data leak takes place, the organization involved might have to deal with GDPR infringement repercussions, which are often quite severe.

Thankfully, company-wide implementation of a secure email and file sharing platform, together with training, can significantly diminish or even totally eradicate the threat of data leaks caused by human error. Such platforms provide the safest forms of data encryption, real-time monitoring of recipient addresses, as well as, email and attachment content. It also allows email retracting, or even an access expiration date to messages sent. Best of all, such platforms can be easily integrated into popular email software (e.g., Outlook). Your employees will be up and running in no time since they will be operating in the same familiar environment they are used to.

Your company's reputation is one of its most important and valuable assets. The price to pay for its protection is minuscule compared to the harsh consequences that a mere mistake can cause. If you don't have a secure email solution in place in your company, it is time to consider it sooner rather than later. The old saying 'better safe than sorry' could not better be applied in this situation.

Everything you need to know about secure mail

This blog emphasizes how human error can have serious consequences for your organization. There is more you can do to prevent human error and keep your email secure. For more information, visit our Secure Email page below. 

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Written by

Renato Zamagna

Originally published on September 9, 2019

Last update on December 12, 2019